Portable Sit up Assistant Household Multifunction lazy fitness equipment men and women fitness equipment 2 Pcs

Portable Situps Assistant is a small exercise equipment to assist your abdominal exercise, in order to achieve the purpose of waist muscle, waist, reducing belly and so on.If two different colors are specified, please contact customer service email [email protected]
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Products Description

1 . Preparation before use : fix the supine auxiliary device on the smooth and seamless ground , press the wrench down , and make the height adjustment button face itself ( figure 1 )

2 . When doing tummy exercises , just hook the foam with both feet . As shown in hgure 2 

3 . When doing supine auxiliary exercises , both feet should be placed on the foam to make the waist cling to the ground , thus protecting the lumbar spine

Product features

small and portable, easy to store, carry around and practice at any time

One-button press for easy fixation
One key to use, one mention storage, simple operation, even a little girl can easily operate.

Suitable for different and smooth surfaces,like tiled floor,granite floor and wooden floor etc.

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