Abdominal fitness device abdominal muscle patch training device fitness 6 abdominal fitness apparatus home sports fitness equipment,Black

Easy to use, designed to meet the ergonomic design for abdominal muscle movement.
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Note: as the battery customs is not easy to deal with, the customers who buy the battery money will buy 2 batteries of No. 7 by themselves.

1.It is convenient and time-saving. You can also have fun and exercise at the same time.

2.Full encirclement, abdominal muscle big face, bring more balanced, more comprehensive muscle movement.

3.Automatic mode energy gathering frequency conversion, scientific and comprehensive abdominal muscle training.

4.The intensity and mode can be adjusted according to individual conditions to achieve the desired muscle training effect.

【HOW TO USE?】 - To Begin Use Simply Apply The Gel Pads To Your Abs,Then Turn to Desired Intensity Level. Please read the Instructions before use.
【HOW LONG SHOULD I USE IT? 】- About 12 minutes /time, 2-3 times /day. Use it 30 minutes after meals.

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